Day: February 5, 2021

HighPoint ROCKETRAID RR2720SGL 8xPort SAS SATA PCIe RAID Controller Card

HighPoint PCIe ROCKETRAID 2720SGL 8xPort Low Profile Controller Card (MAC, Linux, PC). Orignal SAS to SATA’fan-out’ cables included (x2) This ROCKETRAID PCI-e controller allows you to add 8 SSDs or HDDs in RAID arrays to your workstation. For users just looking to add extra disks to an existing workstation.. The High Point RR2720 HBA (host

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Sonnet Fusion D400 RAID Array 4 SATA Drive enclosure withPCIE card & extra sleds

Sonnet Fusion D400 RAID Array 4 Drive Serial ATA SATA Disk Storage System. This is a great Disk external cabinet for mutliple drives and swapping around. Sonnet PCIE SATA Card. 4 Drive Sleds installed and 4 Extra = 8 Total. Everything is working, we upgraded to Thunderbolt. The item “Sonnet Fusion D400 RAID Array 4

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